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Where You Can Upgrade At Your Wedding

There are a lot of brides out there who want to add that extra special something to their wedding day. Something that gives a little 'wow factor', something that create an unforgettable experience and amazing memories for both them and their guest. Something that is personal to them and differentiates their wedding from their friends.

It's not a case of keeping up with The Jones', but creating something special and personal to you as a couple.

So let's talk about ways to 'upgrade' at your wedding. Now I don't majorly like the word upgrade. It's almost a little stuffy. So shall we refer to it as personalise? If you want to add something special and have a little extra budget to do so, these are my 8 different areas, where there is possibility to do just that!

Im leaving the obviously elements such as the dress, and the wedding breakfast and of flowers aside, as they deserve an entire blog post to just them and are areas where, you will likely be having them as part of your day anyway. But these are areas that you can add.

So let's jump in shall we.............

1. Tableware

If you're new here, you may need yet be aware of my love for a good tablescape. I'd go as far as to say, it's a passion of mine?! I love creating something different, dressing it up and seeing a plain table turn into something exquisite.

when it comes to your tableware, you can literally upgrade every element.

  • Table linen

  • Napkins

  • Crockery

  • Cutlery

  • Glassware

  • Add charger plates

If you have a little extra in your budget and want to create beautiful table designs, this is the area to be looking. If you just want to add a little something extra, or perhaps a pop of colour, just upgrade your napkins. They come in so many colours and textures and the way you lay them can also have an impact on the design.

2. Lighting

When you host a dinner party, have you noticed how lighting really sets the mood? It's the same with your wedding! But sadly it's an element that is usually cut from the budget, or even just forgotten about!

Yes, lighting in the day isn't necessary, but come the evening of the wedding you can create a completely different mood. Think uplighter, fairy light canopies, pinspots on your tables, especially for a winter wedding where come the wedding breakfast, it is already dark out! If it's mooning your after, this is the area to add a little something!

3. Lounge Area

It has quickly become a trend to have an additional seating area at your wedding. Something to add a little character, somewhere for guests to relax and chill out. Usually set aside from the main entertainment. But they are no longer 'just' a seating area, but usually very stylised and beautiful. So even include back drops.

4. Additional entertainment

If your wedding is all about fun and entertaining your guests, then perhaps this is where you want to upgrade? In addition to the musical entertainment of the drinks reception and evening reception, sometimes the ceremony and wedding breakfast too. You can add extras. Ideas from my clients over the years have included, photo booths, photo boards (the ones with the face holes cut out!), mini golf courses, magicians, dance troops and solo dance performances, abstract themed musical acts and bouncy castles.

5. Late Night Food

If you are a foodie, then this is going to be a winner for you! Why have the evening buffet when you can really think outside the box? What about a grazing station, a cheese board, pizza trucks, street food. This is such a fun part of the evening and choosing a late night snack that perhaps has meaning is such a lovely idea. We've had couples choose Asian street food because that was their favourite holiday destination, or where they got engaged. Get creative, there are so many options now.

6. On The Day Stationery

I LOVE this side of stationery! I mean you can really make beautiful things for on the day. I think people forget this option when they think of stationery. They think invites and save the dates. But what about place names, table names, table plans and menus? We have created beautiful things with clients before. Mussel shell place names, menus printed on linen napkins for each guest, hanging menus, bespoke hanging table plans. You can use acetate, hand calligraphy, water colour. My gosh the options to get creative, get personal and upgrade the wow factor!

7. Dessert

Last, but by no means least, dessert. Traditionally dessert was your wedding cake. But more commonly guests will have a 3 course dinner, which includes a dessert and cake is then cut afterwards. But what about adding an interactive element to your dessert. Perhaps a sharing dessert for the table? Pudding pots? Or go big with a dessert station? You could have an ice cream bar, pancake and waffle station, with chefs creating them to order? If you have a sweet tooth, then perhaps this one is for you?

So 7 ways to add a little 'extra' on your wedding day.

Next week, i'm going to delve into tableware and the different options there!

Happy Planning

Lauren x


Beautiful Photos by:

1, 3, 6, 7: Sophie Duckworth Photography

2: Chloe Hardwick Photography

4: Ross Hurley Photography

5: James Davidson Photography


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