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Creating the perfect Spring Table

Hello my loves!

Last month I hosted my first workshop of the year in which I put together a gorgeous, fun and beautiful Spring tablescape!

I thought it would be a great idea to share with you the creative process of bringing this to life from design to reality!

I started hosting in-person workshops for the wedding industry and for wedding planners in 2023, I absolutely love educating others and felt the need to get a bunch of creatives together and create an incredible networking day but also ensuring it was educational.

My brand is very much about creating an experience, whether that be weddings or workshops - I'm not about that corporate life! I love offering a creative and immersive day, one that inspires the attendees, remains intimate but also allowing people to leave having learnt something new.

This particular workshop saw a group of wonderful creatives all come together at the lovely Millbridge Court in Farnham, there were wedding planners, florists, photographers & stylists all sat round a table together, each with different skills, background and a thirst for knowledge. The atmosphere was brilliant and it was so lovely to meet so many inspirational people within the industry who's mutual goal is to create magic for their couples!

I wanted to play with something a bit different when it came to the design of the day, after all I was hosting, so it was a great opportunity to create anything I wanted! I knew I wanted it laid back and simple but also really impactful with hints of my signature staple colours thrown in for good measure!

See below my original mood board, as you can see I wanted it paired back, classy & beautiful!

Rather hypocritically (if you know you know), I included lots of white and greens to create a natural, earthy vibe. You know what else I fancied using, vegetables!! I think my team were quite concerned when I broached this with them but you heard me correct, I wanted. vegetables, the more the merrier. I needed a theme to pull all the elements of Spring together and what a better way to display this than with an abundance of beautiful, fresh veg!!

I looked up some seasonal vegetables and just loved the idea of the different tones and textures of green, it felt super spring! So off I went to my local Green Grocer and stocked up on beautiful cabbages, spring onions, carrots, spinach and artichokes - avoiding eye contact as I was paying at the till in case I was being looked at like I was crazy.

I then reached out to Millie at Stone & Stem and sent her over the mood board, asking for an abundant, bright and fresh theme and as always with me, opting for the 'more is more' when it comes to florals! We decided to encoporate spring flowers down the full length of the table and she suggested ikebana style florals (a form of japanese flower art) which I was totally here for.

I also really loved that the date I ended up hosting the workshop fell on the same week as National Earth Day, everything was sourced as sustainable as possible. The flowers were mostly homegrown, foraged or from a local grower - not a foam base in sight!

The fantastic food on offer was supplied by the fabulous team over at Kalm Kitchen, guests enjoyed beautiful, colourful and fresh food with a seasonal peach cocktail thrown in for good measure!

When it came to sourcing the tableware, I was wondering what to do whether to hire from my usual go to's or venture somewhere new! I wanted it to be accessible and inspirational for everyone and so I ended up ordering some gorgeous pieces from H&M Home and let me tell you I was SO impressed! Talk about wanting bougie on a budget. The plates, cups, napkins & napkin rings fit the theme wonderfully and really came together paired with the patterned linen from John Lewis (I'm having a patterned linen moment here guys). The table was finished with simple silver cutlery & wine glasses and I used my own seagrass placemats to accentuate the look!

Not forgetting the personalised stationary on the day, which was created by the lovely stationer Lauren Daisy who ran with the spring theme with ditzy floral borders and sage green menu pockets. It was absolutely giving garden party / outdoor rehearsal dinner vibes!

The candles used are Esther and Erik, in shade sorbet melon and then I also included some pale yellow candles I found at IKEA!

Im super pleased with how it turned out and wanted to share all the beautiful photos taken by the lovely Phillipa Sian.

The entire place smelt of cabbages, herbs and onions but weirdly it was kind of lovely! The room felt warm, inviting and definitely created a focal point for my guests, importantly, everything can be so easily recreated yourself too!

I really enjoyed putting this together, if this is something of interest to you then be sure to keep an eye out for dates for my next workshop!

All items used on the day are linked below, including my design book if you would like some further inspiration!

Design Book: click here

Tablecloth: click here

Plates (similar): click here

Placemats (similar): click here

Napkins: click here

Napkin rings: click here

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