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Changing your name after getting married

Amid the joy / fun / stress or sheer terror of planning your own Wedding (tick which you may find appropriate!) the task of changing your name after getting married, often is one that gets put to the back of your mind as a Bride to Be. As a planner for many years, I've even known Brides to put this off for a long time after their Wedding Day due to all the admin time they think it takes and believe me, 10 years ago when I got married the PTSD of all the forms to fill in, has not left me. I always knew I wanted to take my husbands name but I was not prepared for the lengthy process in which it took to do so.

and thats where NameSwitch comes in. NameSwitch are the only UK based company to offer a unique name-changing service that makes it so much easier than you would believe it to be, a truly fantastic female founded company that all future brides should have on their radar if they are looking to change their name.

In the UK, changing your name after marriage is a choice many individuals make to reflect their new marital status. While taking your partner's surname is a common tradition, it isn't mandatory, however according to research approximately 79% of married females choose to take their husbands last name, with 14% keeping their original maiden name and 5% hyphenating both their name and their spouses name.

NameSwitch has created a UK first and only award-winning namechange toolkit to help simplify this process. Change your name with speed and ease saving you so much time and with peace of mind that you’ll get it right first time. Added benefit? It takes just 3 easy steps. You can select who you need to notify from 700 government bodies, local authorities, and companies and you only need to enter your details once.

Founder Cécile Mazuet-Eller shares the inspiration behind her unique service

'It took over a year for me to finally get my name changed everywhere – a year of sighing each time something arrived through the post addressed to a name I no longer associated with. And I knew there had to be an easier and quicker way for anyone else facing the same task. My research revealed name-changing companies in America, Canada and Australia that made it easier to complete the complicated process, but nothing was available in the UK. I was sure from experience, and instinct, that there was a need for something similar here and, with encouragement from family and friends, I took the leap to establish NameSwitch in 2015'

Cecile offers different packages to suit all needs, my favourite? Has to be the gifting service where you can gift a NameSwitch package to a friend, such a fabulous idea as a Wedding present and one I'll definitely be doing for any friends getting married in the future.


As a valued member of Bluebird Bride Academy, you are entitled to £5 off any of the packages Name Switch has to offer:

Simply enter BLUEBIRD_FIVE at checkout to apply the discount

No doubt the question of whether you are changing your name or not has come up since becoming a fiance and it's something you should definitely have an open discussion about with your partner. I chose to change my name immediately after getting married whereas Tash from my team (who got married last year) is still considering it. Alex & Liv get married this year too so it's a hot topic amongst the Bluebird team right now!

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