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The Bride Academy Members Club

The Bride Academy Members Club is opening it's doors again today for it's April 2020 intake.

What Is The Members Club?

If you're looking for expert advice with your wedding planning, a community, but still want to be able to spend your budget on the things that are important to you, then see what the Bride Academy Members Club is all about.

The BA Members club was born out of the community of brides that I have grown over the last year. All needed a little bit more advice than they could get fro free online. They wanted to spend their budget on the things that made their day special, but knew they still wanted some advice for the journey ahead.

So by offering a monthly membership club, where you can have access to trainings, downloads and so much more, with a different topic every month to guide you through all the different aspects of your planning, it's a no brainer.

Whats Included?

Every single month my members get the following to help them with their wedding planning:

A monthly topic to incude:-

  • 1x Live Q&A session with myself or a guest speaker

  • 1x video training from myself or a guest

  • 1x download (PDF, workbook e-book, checklist)

  • Access to all past month topics and content

  • A community of amazing Bluebird Bride Academy Brides all supporting each other on this new journey.

Is It For You?

Well have asked yourself any of the following questions?

How can I take the stress out of planning?

How can I get the help of an expert without the fee?

I've started my planning, but how do I know I'm doing it right?!?

Then the answer is most likely YES!

But What's The Cost?

So you're probably thinking, ok so 1 training every month, a live Q&A with an expert, plus a work book and access to every previous month...... it's got to be like £50pm?


For April 2020* the cost to become a members I just £5.99pm!!!

*(price after April 2020 may be different)

You are not tied in to any term, you can leave whenever you like. the fee you join at, is the fee that remains for the duration of your membership, even if the prices go up after you have joined! If you leave and rejoin, you will be paying a higher price point.

How Do I Join?

The doors open every single month from 1st-3rd of the month. Once they are closed, you have to wait until the next month to get in. but all the content will still be there waiting for you. (The price will increase a little each month as the content gallery grows. But not to existing members.)

So if you are interested in becoming a member hop on over HERE and come and say hey! Doors are now open for April! and we are talking BUDGETS!

Lauren x



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