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The Best Wedding Trends for 2021 and beyond!

Let's take a look at the BEST wedding trends for 2021 that I hope will grow and continue to be the 'norm' for 2022 and even beyond!

Wed Now, Party Later

This is ultimately a result due to the pandemic but I LOVE IT!

It's one of the best compromises where couples have decided their love for each other is more important than having a big wedding and therefore have or had their mini or micro wedding already or it's coming up soon and they will then celebrate a year later with a huge party! Then don't miss out on all the parts of your wedding.

Virtual Wedding Planning

Another trend that has bloomed from the pandemic is virtual wedding planning in all aspects.

By not being able to visit suppliers this has forced couples and suppliers to adapt and become more accessible online. The lockdown time has allowed suppliers to develop their online presence allowing for couples to get the same experience they would from a face to face but virtually and we don't see this going backwards.

Here at Bluebird Creative, I'm all about virtual wedding planning, it's what we do! So don't forget to check out my digital downloads, Youtube channel and contact me for more info about my online design consultancy 1:1's.

Eco Friendly & Sustainability

Another favourite trend of mine that we're seeing more of is, how to make your wedding more sustainable.

Everyone is becoming more conscious of what's good and not good for the environment and trying to be as sustainable as possible. Sadly weddings are a massive contribution towards pollution and they're not overly sustainable so it's all about making small conscious decisions that help with this, which makes you feel that you've done something, even if it's small, to be more friendly to Mother Nature.

If you want to find out more about how to have an eco-friendly wedding check out this Youtube video or read this blog.

Support Small Businesses

Again this really has been highlighted from the pandemic but please try and support small local businesses that are working their butts off to survive.

During this unusual time people have become more aware of small independent businesses and are more willing to help them and support them. People in general have become more thoughtful to who they're working with and how they're working with them and I just love this! The wedding industry is full of small independent suppliers so get out there and find them!

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have just gone mad recently! They're beautiful, they're different and more importantly they're sustainable! They had a life as fresh flowers and now they're able to have another life as dried and can last a very long time if looked after properly and what a wonderful way to keep a physical memory of your wedding day.

Find out more about this trend by watching this video!

Concept Lighting

Times of weddings where no consideration into the lighting has now gone! We're focusing more on the wedding design and lighting is an essential part to this. Before we may have added a few fairy-lights but now we're seeing huge festoon canopies surrounding guests or pendant lighting over the centre of the tables amongst stunning foliage. Lighting possibilities are endless and couples are becoming more aware of this element in the design and the atmosphere it creates.

Entertainment Experience

We are crying out for some exciting entertainment in our lives, (well I know I certainly am anyway) and I think entertainment will be a massive trend for weddings. We have not been able to party since March 2020 so once we're allowed to, let's just go for it! Create that amazing entertainment experience for all your friends and family that will be filled with love, laughter and pure joy!


Now we know that the #BeKind movement is an extremely important message right now and I think we've all become immensely grateful for the things we took for granted before and have been deprived of for the past year. We're all missing our family, friends, socialising and the freedom we were so used to that when we're allowed to have a non-restricted wedding we'll be even more grateful for all those things.

So I think (and hope!) we'll see more small touches that bring gratitude into the smaller details of a wedding, whether thats writing a personalised note to each guest thanking them for coming and telling them how much they mean to you or, including more gratitude into speeches or having a personalised reading during the service, it's just about showing that gratitude and being kind. It's priceless.

'We often take for granted the very people that most deserve our gratitude'

Styling & Creativity

And finally, I think we're going to see more about the story telling and about the couple within the styling of the wedding and the creativity in how to do this will just explode! Suppliers have had more time recently to really develop their offerings and explore their creativity on a deeper level and are just wanting to create and make, so once they're allowed to it's going to be incredible!

Guys, weddings are going to be amazing! They're coming back and they're coming back bigger and better than before!

Stay positive, there's a light at the end of the tunnel!

Lauren xx


Photos by 1. Mindy Coe Photography 2. Lauren Goodman 3 & 4. Sophie Duckworth Photography


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