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How To Have The Wedding You Want

If you are new to my blog, I’m Lauren, wedding planner and owner of Bluebird Creative. I provide a weekly dose of wedding planning goodness for the modern couple, I promise to bring you some weekly awesome tips and tricks to help you on your wedding planning journey!

This week I am going to jump in to something that keeps coming up in my Facebook group, in my DMs and in some comments to some of our videos, so I think it’s time we dive in and address this topic, it’s all about having the wedding you want!

Having the wedding you want

I have five tips for you to help you have the wedding that you have totally dreamed of, the first tip is to remember that ‘you do you’ this is just so important as this is your day, this is where I find that some people struggle and have the most turmoil within their planning.

Try not to worry so much about what everybody else thinks, I do appreciate that sometimes it’s really difficult for some people, whether it’s your family or your friends or people within your close circle, they can be quite opinionated and can make you feel that you have to take their decisions and their opinions to heart, or that you have to consider them as part of your day. So I’m here to remind you that it’s your day and you have to do what makes you happy.

Obviously there are ways to go about doing that and we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, but at the same time if they are hurting your feelings, then that is something to consider because this day is about you so if it’s hurting you then it’s OK to say something.

I’m reading an amazing book at the moment called the life changing magic of not giving a F*** and I’m there for parts of the book and really just taking what I want from it but essentially the moral of it is to not give away too much of your energy and to do what makes you happy.

This is kind of what we are talking about here with your planning, do what makes you happy and if someone is giving you their opinion and it’s not making you happy then don’t be afraid to say something. You don’t have to go about it in a way that is going to upset people or that’s nasty, but it truly is OK to say something because it is your day.

A good way to tackle this is make sure you are having open conversations with your family and friends, let them know what’s important to you on your wedding day, what is going to make you happy and what you essentially want. By having those clear and open conversations I think you will be surprised how people can come round to your way of thinking.

Whether you are wanting to have a smaller wedding and not having too many people there to deciding you don’t want to follow some of the traditions, whatever it might be if you are open and honest, and you are clear with your communication you might be surprised with how people react.

Choosing the right team

What I mean by this is choosing your bridesmaids and groomsmen and so on, to have the wedding that you really want I feel its important to have the right team of people supporting you in your planning and around you on the day. You don’t need to give them absolutely loads of responsibility on the day, some people like to do that, and others don’t.

I guess it depends on the type of people that you are choosing and if they want to be that involved on the day, but I do think it is important that you choose people that will support you throughout your planning and not make your life difficult, that they are not going to be throwing their opinions on you and they are just going to be happy for you.

So just be really conscious of who you are choosing, and those people will likely tick all the right boxes for you anyway because you are likely to be choosing people that mean sometime to you and are your favourite people, therefore they get you, but just keep this in mind when you are going through this process.

Understanding your budget

If you read my blog often you know this is one I harp on about quite often, so you probably won’t be surprised that I am bringing it up, but to have the wedding you really want, you really do need to understand your budget!

It’s really important guys because you might have these visions and these ideas for your wedding day and then realise that they perhaps don’t fit your budget, but you might not realise this till later down the line, and there is going to be that crushing disappointment and you do not what that on your wedding day. So really understand your budget before you start anything.

I am going to put the link below to one of my videos that takes you through the first few steps of your wedding planning so you can make sure you are not missing out on any of the crucial steps, especially understanding your budget.

Once you understand your budget you are then going to understand what you can afford and whether that matches up with the visions you’ve got and if it doesn’t then perhaps you might decide to have a longer engagement so you really can have the wedding you want because you are going to have longer to save.

So again, just have a really good think about this, as the budget has a massive impact on everything, a little bit longer on the engagement could be the key to having everything you want for your wedding day.

Having the right suppliers

Moving on to tip four, this kind of links in with budget and having what you want for your wedding day is having the right supplier team, don’t trip up and just book the first person who is available or the first person that you find, really do your research.

For example if you are looking for a photographer, don’t just pick one because the venue recommends them, or your friend had them. Make sure they fit with what you want, can they create the images you want? Do they edit their images in a style that you love? Don’t just settle because someone else had them.

Going off recommendations is good because you know they are going to give a good service but just really make sure you are looking through all the different options, do you want a wedding planner for example, or do you want a wedding coordinator so that you know you can totally relax on your wedding day, knowing that everything is being taken care of so you really can have that wedding that you have always dreamed of. I will add another video below which is all about wedding coordination and exactly what that is.

Planning your time

And finally, if you are looking to have a wedding with lots of details and bringing your personality to a day that has all the personal touches throughout, then that’s amazing because you are going to be creating a day that you truly have always wanted right?

This said you must make sure that you are allowing more time for your planning, don’t just think that it is just going to happen because that does involve more elements therefore more time. You are going to have to stay organised and so on. So, if you want those details and want to create that wedding that you have always wanted with all those personal touches, just ensure that you are allowing time and that you are staying organised.

I have mentioned this in previous blogs but I am in the process of creating the most incredible planner for you guys which is online so you can literally know my whole process of how I plan a clients wedding from 12 months out. If you think my checklist is good then this new planner doesn’t even compare! This is going to tell you what to do and when and how to do it, the ‘how’ which is the important bit, at what time and what steps to take with each supplier, it is so detailed!

I’m so super excited about this planner so make sure you are on my mailing list so you are informed as soon as this new product is released. I am going to do an offer for the first buyers of the product which is coming in the next month or so!

So, there you have it those are my five top tips to help you have the wedding that you have always wanted, these may seem like simple things, but it seems crazy the amount of people that forget to have these open and honest conversations with their family and when they realise that if they actually do that, then things could have been so much simpler.

Make sure you have got the right people surrounding you during the process, I’m a firm believer in having the right team around you throughout life anyway and to not give away too much of your energy if it is not returned, so keep this in mind when you are planning!

I really hope that you have found these tips helpful this week, it’s a slightly different blog but I just thought we needed to touch on this topic because there is so many of you out there that are wondering how to go about this part of your planning, so hopefully this has been helpful, and it nudges you in the right direction.

Have a fantastic week guys, and I will catch up with you next week with some more wedding planning goodness.

You might find our WEDDING TOOLKIT handy so check it our here guys!

Happy Planning!

Lauren xx



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