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Creating a Branded Photoshoot

Branded Shoot | Wedding Planning | Surrey

So February saw us head over to the beautiful Millbridge Court for a Bluebird Branded shoot. We thought it was time to get some updated pictures of the people behind the brand and what we currently look like! We enlisted the help of the wonderful Mindy Coe photography, who has photographed us on a few occasions; our engagement shoot, our wedding and our newborn shoot with our daughter. So we knew we would be comfortable with her behind the camera- especially as we are not keen on having our picture taken.

As any morning starts in our house it was all chaos with everyone getting ready and sorting Ivy out for the childminders. But for this morning we had the added addition of Melissa Oldridge hair and makeup. She turned up at 7.30am to attempt to make me look better on camera. Let me tell you everyone needs a Melissa in the mornings! Having my hair and makeup done over breakfast, was an absolute treat. Life goals right there.

Anyway back to the point. We arrived at Millbirdge Court loaded with some of our Bluebird props that were relevant to a wedding and event planners repertoire and mapped out where we wanted to have our photos. Choosing a few different locations both inside and out, ensuring neutral backgrounds and colours that fit our brand. When doing a branded shoot its key to think about your brand from start to finish. From what colours you are wearing, to the background, your style, how you want to come across and how you want to showcase what you do. Being in the wedding planning industry, we don't have a product to showcase, so it very much about us, we are the brand!

We focused on greys, neutrals, pale blues and fresh greens, ensuring that flowers, foliage or plants featured in every single shot. This is something that is a big part of our brand and working with incredibly inspirational and creative florists to create beautiful spaces is a massive part of our company and style.

We mixed it up with a range of shots of us on our own, together, serious and laughing, although again my focus was fun laughing shots as again this is who we are. We aim to breathe life into our clients events, so don't want to come across stiff in our photos because that is just not us. We even did some very silly ones using a silly game i have played for many years....... the animal game. If you need to get people to come out of themselves in front if the camera then this is the thing to do. As the photographer presses the button, (professional or just friends) they shout out an animal and the people in the picture have almost no time to think and have to create the animal .It is incredibly silly, but very funny. I wont lie we did this at our wedding instead of formal photos with family and friends, because let's be honest, life is about capturing fun and laughter.

Not only was it myself and simon being photographed, but we also including our newest recruit, assistant event planner and the youngest member of the team, Brienne. She fitted in perfectly.

Below are a selection of the brilliant pictures from Mindy Coe of our fun morning capturing our brand.

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