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10 Steps To Planning your Wedding

I mean if you really do want to summarise it down, I can round up your planning into 10 steps. I'm not gong to say 'simple steps', because they are pretty meaty steps. But by categorising these steps, it helps the brain process what actually needs to be done in the time between getting engaged and your wedding day.

Lauren Goodman, wedding planner

I am an advocate for mental health. I hate the idea of anyone feeling overwhelmed, letting anxiety creep in or feeling stressed. So if I can ease any of that a little bit by simplifying your steps, giving you extra information and making your planning that much easier, then I sure am going to try!

So let's break this down into my 10 categories to planning your wedding day! If you think this is helpful and really want a bit more depth, then sign up to The Bride Plan waitlist HERE, to be informed about when it opens.

10 steps to planning your wedding

1: First Steps

- Now first steps would cover those all important first 4 steps......... Guest numbers, budget, date and location. If you didn't catch it, then I have a youtube video on this topic HERE.

- You want to start that Pinterest board, to get your inspiration and ideas.

- Choose your bridal party

- Start your spreadsheet to keep yourself super organised throughout planning.

2: Budgets

Budget deserves it's own step in my opinion. It is THE most important step in your planning to keep that stress at bay, so don't skip it out!

- You want to make sure you have done the first step of working out your budget. How much do you realistically have t spend on your wedding?

- Then start splitting your budget up between the different suppliers, you plan on using. How much are you willing to spend on each element? Once you have this down, you will know who to approach!

Laure Goodman, Surrey wedding planner

3: Venue

When it comes to the venue, it can be the most time consuming part of your planning. so make sure you are armed and ready.

- Use my 30 questions to ask your venue list HERE, when going through venues

- Go with your gut

- Do look at a venue if there are too many compromises, it's not within budget, or can't cater for your number of guests. You will only be upset if you fall in love with it, but can't have it!

- No what your willing to compromise on. nothing will tick every single box. It's like buying a house!

4: Design and style

- This is where you decide on your style and how you would add in your personality, the venues style, what colours and time of year.

- Create a detailed mood board from your Pinterest to pull your design together.

wedding breakfast, Surrey, Hampton court house

Module 5: Stationery, Signage and guest Management

This is a meaty section of your planning.

- You'll be deciding on your stationery and what elements you want to have and which you don't.

- Deciding on your style of stationery and how it can fit in with your overall design.

- Do you want to include signage?

- How will you word your stationery? I have a Pinterest board HERE, with ideas.

6 : Etiquette

- Research etiquette, such as:

- Invites

- Who's paying

- Speeches

- Receiving line

- First dance

- Who sits where for ceremony and wedding breakfast

- Then decide what you want and don't want. "You do you" my lovelies! ;)

wedding speeches, worthing

7: Ceremony

- How it runs for a church or civil ceremony

- Ceremony Music (where you can have it and what can you have?)

- Readings and hymns if any

- Seating

8: Reception

Drinks Reception

- Length

- Structure

- Ideas

- Personalisation

- Drinks/food

Wedding Breakfast

- Length

- Structure

- Ideas

- Table Layouts

- Personalisation


Evening Reception

- Cocktail hour

- Cake cutting

- First dance

- Music

- Carriages

Surrey wedding styling

9: Details

- Where you can upgrade your styling:

- Linens, tables and chair hire, crockery and tableware

- Favours

- Flowers

- Decor for ceremony and reception

10: On The Day

- Create your On The Day timeline

- Decide who to delegate to

- Set up

- Any cash payments left for on the day

- Relax and Enjoy

wedding planner Surrey

So there you have it, you lovely bunch. I hope this breaks things down and simplifies your wedding planning a touch. Even if it just flags up a step or two or helps you work out how to group things to ease that overwhelm, then boom, we're on to something!!

If you want a little more of this, then get on the waitlist for The Bride Plan HERE. It's something pretty special ;).

Lauren xx

Photos 1, 2, 3 and 7 by Mindy Coe and 4, 5, and 6 by Sophie Duckworth

10 steps to planning your wedding


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