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Your New Wedding Design Bestie


Get my exact wedding design template that I use to convert client's ideas, into perfect wedding visuals to bring their full design together

Wedding Design doesn't need to feel overwhelming with a million different elements to consider......

it can if you want it to, but the idea is for it to be cohesive and authentic to you

You can create a wedding with a beautiful design that is true to you, without breaking the bank and without being all over the shop with the theme and aesthetic.

Don't get caught up in your Pinterest board of dreams that has every aesthetic you've loved over the years on it to confuse you.



This is your time to shift out of idea fatigue, feeling all the ideas and no direction.


My Design Book Template is here to help you overcome idea fatigue and guide you through the design process with a load of inspiration thrown in for good measure.

It's time to feel in control, aligned, authentic to you and enhance your design skills to create that truly works for you, your partner and your guests.

So why on earth does wedding design make you feel excited and overwhelmed all at the same time?!

You're sat on your phone, scrolling Pinterest and adding all the lovely ideas you've seen to your 'wedding board'. You come back to look at the pinned images and feel the overwhelmed with decisions.

How are you going to streamline the design, how will everything look together? 

Have you got too much going on?

Do the ideas all work together cohesively?

What areas of the day do you need to consider the details and have you forgotten anything?

The most common concerns I hear are:
  • I'm not sure what ideas and elements to choose
  • How do I make my ideas consistent across the day
  • I don't have any design skills to pull this together

"Style is a way of saying who you are, without having to speak"

- Rachel Zoe


The Design Book

design book imagery.png
design book imagery.png

Benefits and Features: Designing Your Dream Wedding Has Never Been Easier!


Transform your wedding vision into a stunning reality with our Wedding Design Book Template - your ultimate guide to crafting a truly personalized and cohesive aesthetic for every part of your special day.

Fully Customizable Magic:

Say goodbye to the overwhelm! Our 24-page template is waiting for your personal touch. From colors that resonate with your soul to place settings and stationery ideas that tell your story, every element is in your hands. The starting point? A showcase of a real past client design curated by us, so you really do have the full breakdown and blueprint from a pro to behind you.

Confidence Unleashed:

No more design doubt! Our template empowers you to confidently navigate the design process. Gone are the days of feeling lost in the sea of Pinterest ideas. Your vision, your style – all effortlessly captured in one beautifully crafted book.

From Mind to Reality:

Feel the excitement as you bring your design ideas to life seamlessly across your wedding day. No more fragmented concepts or disjointed themes. Our template guides you, step by step, ensuring your aesthetic flows seamlessly from the ceremony to the evening reception.


Unlock Your Inner Designer:

Even if you’ve never considered yourself a designer, our template is your secret weapon. No need for advanced skills - the simplicity of customization makes creating your dream wedding design a joyful and stress-free experience.

Authenticity Redefined:

For the DIY couple seeking authenticity, our template is your partner in creating details that truly reflect you. We don’t follow trends; we empower you to shape your own authentic design, a meaningful expression of your love story.

Ready to design a wedding that reflects YOU? Dive into the world of possibilities with our Wedding Design Book Template and let the excitement begin!


Ready to Transform Your Wedding Dreams? Act Now!

Your dream wedding design is just a click away. Seize the opportunity to redefine your wedding aesthetic and make every detail uniquely yours. Here’s why you can’t miss out:

🌟 Limited-Time Offer:

Act fast! For a limited time, we have 15% off our digital store. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your wedding design at an irresistible price.

💍 Confidence Guarantee:

We’re so confident that you’ll love the results, we offer a risk-free guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, let us know, and we’ll make it right. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

📚 Instant Access:

No need to wait! Once you make your purchase, you’ll gain instant access to your fully customizable Wedding Design Book Template. Start designing and refining your vision right away.

Ready to Design the Wedding of Your Dreams? Click below to purchase your Wedding Design Book Template and embark on a journey of creativity, confidence, and celebration!

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