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What To Delegate On Your Wedding Day

So your wedding day is the most special day of your life. Plus it is all about you. the last thing you should be doing on the day, is 'working' your wedding. Now when I say working your wedding, I mean there is absolutely no way, you should be managing or overseeing anything!! It's a big no no in my books. You should be relaxing, enjoying and taking in every last moment, because trust me it flies by so fast!

So that means you need to delegate!

There are tasks that need to be done on the day, so let's go over what they are and who can take care of them!

Cash Payments

There will be a small number of cash payments that will still be outstanding on the wedding day. So you will need to choose someone responsible to be in charge of this. Make sure all the envelopes are marked with who they are to be given to. I personally think choosing somebody with a suit jacket is a better option as a lady in a dress may not have pockets and may place her handbag down. So I think give it to someone who will have it on their person until it's time to hand it over. A good choice here is usually the best man or an Usher. Perhaps even one of the parents.

Orders of Ceremony / Service

You may have created some orders of ceremony or service (depending on if you are having a church or civil ceremony). So therefore it is a nice idea to ask some to hand these out before the ceremony as guests make their way in. this job usually falls down to the Ushers. alternatively, you can place them out for the guests on their chairs or display them fo rhyme to collect as they walk past.

Seat Your Guests


If you are going for a confetti shot, or perhaps a confetti alternative (such as bubbles) if your venue does not allow confetti, you will need to organise this. Whether confetti is handed out prior to the wedding or if it is happening outside after the ceremony, you can have it handed out as guests leave the venue. Asking the ushers or bridesmaids to help hand this out is really useful. They can also help arrange everyone to the required location for the shot to take place.

Group Shots

One of the final roles for your ushers and bridesmaids is to help assist the photographer during the group shots, if you are having them. With a little bit of help assisting the photographer find the right people, it can make this part of the day go a lot quicker and smoother and there will be less hanging around. A photographer will not know who the people on the list are and it's never ideal when the photographer is having to shout out 'Uncle Tom please!'. So by having a shot list given to the bridal party, they can make this smooch easier as they are likely to know the majority of the guests between them.


A toastmaster is quite an important role on your wedding day. they will announce for guests to make their way through to the wedding breakfast and also welcome the new Mr and Mrs init the room! They may also introduce the speeches and each speaker. Sometimes a toastmaster also invites guests over for the cake cutting and first dance. Other times the DJ takes over at this point. But you need to choose who this person might be. You can hire a toastmaster for the day. this is quite traditional and they usually have a uniform of a red jacket and a very loud, direct voice. Or you can choose someone responsible that will remember what to say when and is confident and loud and clear. alternatively your wedding planner/ coordinator can do this if you have one.

The Set Up

Have you gone into meticulous detail for your day? Lot's of personal touches and a ton of style? If so you will want to make sure it is all set up correctly. You may not have access to your venue the day before and if that is the case, you will NOT be setting up the morning of your wedding! So you need to have a think about who can assist in this area. Your catering team, will be on top of the majority of things. But they are unlikely to start styling up areas other than your tables capes. Could you ask a friend that isn't in your bridal party? You could hire a stylist? Or your wedding planner or coordinator will take on this role as part of their duties on the day.

Manage the Day

Finally, there is managing the day. Now you obviously cannot do this. Who will ensure all the timings go to plan, that everything happens when it should and that suppliers arrive when expect and it all looks just so?!

This is where you need to consider who is part of your event team? Do you have a good event catering manager? Do you have a venue manager? Between them, they will be able to manage a fair bit of this. Minus anything outside of the venue. Otherwise choosing to have a wedding coordinator is your best choice. Especially if you are having a dry hire wedding venue, when there is no venue manager. A wedding coordinator takes on the role of your PA, stylist, event manage and friend for the day. Starting right from the first delivery, through to the end of the day. Assisting the bride wherever needed, ensuring your styling is perfect, that your guests are happy and that everything is just SO. They also tend to bring an impressive kit bag for every eventuality!

So there you have it. All the jobs you WON'T be doing on your wedding day. But a very good list of who can do them for you!!

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


Thank you to our lovely photographers for these beautiful pictures!

Photo 1 : Ross Hurley Photography

Photos 2, 3 and 5: Sophie Duckworth Photography

Photos 4 and 6: Juliet Mckee Photography


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