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Wedding Table Designs

Carrying on from last weeks blog about upgrading details of our wedding day, or adding a little 'extra'. this week i'm going into a little details with the table design itself.

Creating tables capes and table designs are possibly one of my favourite parts of the creative side of wedding planning. I love the different elements and layering them up. But I can't get creative without adding some of the extras.

So today I'm going to go through all the different extras you can add to your table design to create something pretty stand out and awesome.

Side note: Not having all these elements does not mean your table scape will not be stand out. Even by adding just one element will lift your styling and make it pop that tiny bit more, plus make it that little bit more personal to you and your wedding day.


Table linen will usually come white as a standard. Which looks lovely. It's crisp, clean and fresh and works with every colour palette.

However there are plenty of other options here as well. Firstly decide if you want tablecloths at all, because naked, rustic, trestle tables can look fabulous. As can an industrial worktop. But if tablecloths are for you, then you can choose them in an array of colours and also patterns. Even textures! Im currently a personal fan of the 'Urbane" textured cloths in chalk.

Charger Plates

So a charger plate is for decoration. When you walk into a wedding breakfast and see the place settings all set up, with napkins on a plate...... those plates are chargers. You won't eat off your charger, they are usually switched out with your first dish. But it does add something extra to the table design and that first impact.


Napkins again will come white and simple as standard. However this can be one of the cheaper options for an upgrade and can add a pop of colour and personalisation quite easily. They also come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures. Choosing a colour to fit your wedding theme is always a really nice touch. Or something to compliment your wedding flowers on he table!


An area that isn't always considered is you're cutlery. Have you decided on gold as one of your feature colours for your wedding? Frustrated that your cutlery comes silver as standard?! Switching it up is an option. You can go all gold, have an enamel, pearlescent finish. Choose a gold with grey handle. They are so many options out there!


When it comes to crockery, charger plates aside, you can choose such beautiful options. As a standard you will be issued a white plate for each of your meals, but by visiting your local hire company you can look at different designs for your starters, mains and desserts. Use stoneware, clear texture glass plates, elegant plates or perhaps something a little industrial.


In terms of your glassware, you will usually have a wine glass, champagne flute and water glass. These are all areas for upgrading. you can choose to just change up your water glass, perhaps t something coloured and texture. Keeping the others glasses simple. Or perhaps you may want to change up your wine and champagne glasses as well? Choose and elegant shape with a gold rim, or a crystal cut style?


Stationery is one of the finishing touches for your table design. You will need a place name for your guests and you may decide to have menus for each guests as well. Menus may be something you only want one of for each table, or perhaps 1 between two, or one each. It's totally up to you. Place names may be beautiful paper designs or perhaps calligraphy on items, textures or even fabrics.

...and the rest

Finally, but still a key element to creating beautiful table designs are candles and flowers. Candles in gold tall candle holders, with up to three different shades can look beautiful. Mixed in with small candle votives with tea lights in. My current favourite candles are Ester and Erik. They are so elegant with their tapered tips. My favourite stockist for them is Mad Lilies.

I hope this has broken down what the different areas are in your table design and how you can personalise them for your own wedding day.

Until next week

Lauren x


Photos by:

1, 4, 6 and 9: Sophie Duckworth Photography

2: Ross Hurley Photography

3 and 7: Mindy Coe Photography

5: Juliet McKee Photography

8: James Davidson Photography

Wonderful suppliers who collaborated on the photos in todays blog post:

Luminaire, Nordic Twigs, Academy Furniture hire, Surrey Wedding Company, Couvert Hire, Lou Paper, Hampton Court House, Girls Gotta Script, Options Hire, Mad Lilies Florist, Milk Street Kitchen


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