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The Bride Plan

Well here we are. I'm finally getting to spill the beans, or is the saying now 'spill the tea' ??

Anyway The Bride Plan is finally here and I am so blooming excited to tell you about it! This has been a labour of love for a bout a year. From concept through to creation and now finally getting it out there for all you lovely brides to enjoy.

Let me give you a little back story and my WHY?

When I had my second child, I took some time out and did A LOT of thinking. And I started to realise how much I love to teach. I was an ice skating coach for over 12 years and helping people, teaching them to help them improve, grow as a person and better their skills was something I loved so dearly. I also realised I was good at it (its taken me a long time to be confident enough to say that - damn you imposter syndrome!). Not everyone can teach. You may be really good at something, but translating it to other people is another skill all together and one I feel lucky enough to have.

So why am I telling you about how I love teaching? Well because along with my realisation of how I loved teaching I also realised a few other things. I went through a hard patch on maternity leave, suffered with a bit of what I now think may have been postnatal anxiety and overwhelm. I was planning my summer holiday childcare in February. Extreme much?! I was having to control so much, jus so I felt like I had a grip on life. It wasn't very fun. It surprised me ho it got me, as I've always thought I am a really strong minded person and that I'm very stable with my own mind. But added stress can creep up on you out of nowhere.

Again, why is this relevant to you? Well during this phase and all that thinking I was doing, I realised that this can actually happen to brides as well. It happens at some of the most stressful times in our lives. Having a child or perhaps the added stresses of planning a wedding. I didn't want brides to have to suffer from that, even just a touch of it, if there was something I could do to help or prevent it.

So from then on I started thinking, how can I help all brides? not everyone can afford to have a planner 1-1 for their whole wedding planning. In fact most can't, but they may want help. How can I continue working with my wonderful clients, but also help those that need a touch of support?

Well the long and short of it is, I created a YouTube channel, a facebook group which has over 300 brides to be in it and a mailing list of currently over 900 brides to be. And I help them weekly with little tips. But I wanted to do more.........

So with a lot of planning I have created something to help every bride through the whole of their planning and it's not just a checklist. I have created THE BRIDE PLAN.

The Bride Plan is essentially your a-z blueprint. It is an online wedding planning course, for you to plan your own wedding. All tied up in a 10 module, self paced online course. With the support of a community of likeminded brides by your side and the assurance of knowing what to do when.

I have created the UK’s first wedding planning blueprint. I want professional wedding planning to be accessible to every bride.

I don’t believe there should be industry secrets and insider tricks. I want every bride to have a stress free planning process and be able to enjoy the journey!

To be able to have professional advice from a expert in the industry, without breaking your budget! To plan your own wedding a be confident in knowing you are ticking all the boxes.

There are no right or wrongs and my motto is always ‘you do you’, but to be able to open up a blueprint with your steps all laid out ahead of you can save you time, stress and potential costly mistakes. Giving you confidence, support and flexibility in your planning process!

What will you get from the course?


This course can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Busy lifestyle? You can just dip in and dip out as and when you're ready for each module.


To work with me 1-1 on your wedding planning would cost you £5,000, but i've written down all my knowledge for you to take away at a fraction of the price!

Confidence to pull it off

I’ve got you! You have my support and encouragement throughout the whole course. You’ll be beaming with wedding planning confidence!

Who is The Bride Plan for?

  • The go getter bride

  • The bride who is busy, but wants to plan her own wedding

  • The bride who needs a little confidence in her planning and some support around her

  • The bride who wants to smash her to do list

  • The bride who wants to stare overwhelm in the face and enjoy every minute of her wedding planning

  • You!

This course has been an absolute labour of love. I am so so proud to be able to offer this to brides to be, to aid you in your planning and be part of your wedding planning journey.

To find out more about if The Bride Plan is for you then click HERE.

Lauren xx


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