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On The Day Wedding Timeline

So putting together the full on the day wedding timeline is one of my favourite tasks! I mean I get to get intricate on timings and it's essentially a to do list (which as sad as it sounds is one of my favourite things!). It's something brides approach me about A LOT and a service that I include for all my On The Day brides, so they know that it's been put together professionally.

So let's dive in to the timeline. I have in fact got a PDF download for you, with all the timings to help give you an idea of how the day should run. You can then build your own schedule around that. But to get all the details, the 411 and my secret sauce to building your own on the day wedding timeline, then check out the video below with ALL the info you need!

I hope you found the video helpful and make use of the timeline guide that I've created for you!

Happy Planning!

Lauren x


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