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Interactive Food Ideas!

If you want something different, you are going to love these 9 super fun interactive evening food ideas!

Making my notes on this blog made me super hungry and I want to do all of them, maybe not all at one wedding but if they're a bit of you, then why the hell not!

So let's jump right in!


Now not entirely new but it's great for evening snack-age and it's turning into such a classic, and that has to be a doughnut wall! Everybody loves a doughnut, I mean I love a doughnut and it you don't then your just lying to yourself!

Ringed ones are obviously better for the wall effect as you can hang them on the hooks/pegs but you could always do a station of doughnuts to create towers... I mean YUM!

Photo by Kalm Kitchen


Now this would look bloomin' epic! A candy floss wall of pink fluffy clouds in little cones is just super cute! You can create a wall with perspex shelves that have holes in to hold the little cones in place.


You may have been to a wedding where an ice cream truck has turned up for dessert with it's little tune playing and don't get me wrong this is a great idea and I love it. But you could also have an ice cream station where guests are invited to go up and create their own ice cream sundae with all the toppings and sauces!

There are even ice cream stations where they use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream to order in front of the guests eyes which is super magical with all the dry ice smoking out the machine!


I have mentioned this idea before in my previous blog post but I just love it! Instead of having a grazing station which don't get me wrong I love, but can look a bit messy after guests have started digging into it, why not offer guests little individual cups of cheese and charcuterie or crudités so people to snack on.

They're great for snacking whilst wanting to chat and they just look beautiful. Also great for savoury snackers out there who might not want something sweet after the wedding breakfast.

Photo by grape and fig.


So what about a hot dog truck or station, go for the American fast food style snack! You could have all the different mustards, fried onions, melted cheese and even different types of sausage for guests to choose from.

Super easy, super fun and a classic for the evening snack.


So the hot dog truck leads me on nicely to street food, any type of street food is great for an evening snack. You could bring in food trucks or speak to your caterer about providing this but the possibilities are endless!

I'm not going to go into all the different types of street food but I'm sure you can imagine what's can be available to you, so make it personal and have your favourite street food!


Yes this is a street food option but pizza is my favourite food so I feel it needs it's own segment. Why not bring in pizza ovens (or a truck) with a chef making pizzas to order. Guests could personalise their pizzas by having a variety of toppings to choose from and they cook in minutes!

Super fun, super quick and interactive for guests!

Photo by Kalm Kitchen


I love the idea of a bagel bar, another great evening snack! A hyped up sandwich option and who doesn't love a good sandwich, where guests can choose their own fillings (or Build their own Bagel). They're easy to grab and eat whilst mingling with guests or on the dance floor, need I say more!


Not my favourite as I'm much more of a savoury girl, but I've seen this at a few weddings and they have been a huge hit and so much fun and it's a smores station.

You can do this inside with mini toasting tins or outside on a fire pit but guest can then go and toast their own marshmallows and then build their own smores with the chocolate and crackers and they are delicious!

Photo by Tara Fisher for La Maison Guimauve

I always advise having something savoury as well as something sweet during the evening reception, all your guests will prefer something different, but having something stodgy to soak up that evening alcohol really works a treat!

If I was to get married again I would definitely have a doughnut wall and then it's toss up between the grazing cups and pizza...

...oh who am I kidding it would 100% be pizza!

Let me know which you would chose!

Happy planning

Lauren xx


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