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How To Plan For The Weather On Your Wedding Day

Now when your read the title do you immediately think, right wet weather contingency?

But have you considered contingencies for windy, cold and even hot weather? All of these can have different effects on your day and will require different strategies to make the day go without a hitch.

So let's split this up into different types of weather, how they can potential effect your day, but the contingencies you have have in place. Better to be over prepared I say!

Wet Weather

If you're getting married in the UK, this is definitely something you need to consider. Especially if you plan to have elements of your day outside. Our weather over here, can be a little unpredictable, even in the summer months, so make sure you have a plan b and possibly a plan c.

Outside ceremony: Are you planning on having an outdoor ceremony? If the rain decides to come on your day, you likely will not want to get married in the rain and leave your guests to get drenched. Consider your plan b. Is there an indoor alternative at your location? If there isn't, can you look at booking a marquee or stretch tent, to cover the ceremony area if the weather forecast isn't looking great. You can always book this in advance and decide the day before. If you do this, the company will no doubt still charge the fee for the hire, but you then have options, if the outdoor ceremony is what you have your heart set on.

Drinks reception: Were you hoping to have your drinks reception outside? Make sure when choosing your venue that wherever the indoor space is as a back up plan, that there is enough space for all your guests to mingle, if the weather isn't playing ball. If not can you again create a sheltered outside space as a plan b option for wet weather?

Photos: You may want photos together, but the weather isn't playing ball. However have a look at raining wedding photos. Sometimes they can look amazing. But check out your photographer first and see if they can do that? You can always get a pretty umbrella and make the most of it. They do make for fun photos. If you're worried about your hair, then perhaps go for a looser more boho look and make sure you have makeup top ups with you on the day.

Cold Weather

So when it comes to cold weather, this doesn't pose such a threat as such. However you don't want yourselves and your guests freezing. If there weather is particularly cold, it may be because you are having your wedding in the winter months and have no doubt considered the most o your day will be inside. However a nice idea may be to provide blankets, heaters or fire pits in an outside seating area, for those wanting to step outside for some fresh air. Even proving blankets for each guest throughout the day either at the ceremony or the wedding breakfast, can be a nice touch.

Windy Weather

Is there weather set to be extremely blustery? But you are set on some outside elements as part of your day. If it's not raining, I say go for it still. I've seen some incredible pictures from Mindy Coe Photography from an extremely windy wedding and they made for amazing photos and memories for the couple.

Something to consider: When they wind is really going for it, it can carry sound. So do bear in mind if you are having any speeches, saying your vows or musicians, you will want to make sure you have a microphone and sound systems o that all your guests can hear you and the sound isn't carried off into the distance!

Hot Weather

So this might not be something you consider, but you need too. sometimes the weather in the UK can be a scorcher or if you are getting married abroad, then again consider these points!

Points to consider: Something I think is crucial on a hot wedding day, is to ensure your caterers have lots of water available throughout the whole day. The last thing you need is guests getting dehydrated.

You will also need to consider your cake. what type of cake have you gone for? Will it survive in the heat? If you are getting married abroad, you may have to choose a different option to a UK wedding. If you know the weather is going to be hot in the UK, make sure you speak to your cake maker about options.

Does your venue have air conditioning? Are you able to have doors open? Are you getting married outside and if so, is it in the midday heat? Make sure you have considered shade. You don't want guests sat out with no shade in the hottest part of the day. Provide fans to help keep guests cool if needed. Make sure you consider the different options so that you don't have guests over heating a becoming unwell. Because that combination mixed with alcohol and not enough water, is a deadly combination.

Finally, remember your flowers. Speak to your florist if the day is to be really hot. They may need a little more maintenance or love and care on the lead up to the day. You may need to make sure you put your bouquet in water at some point. Perhaps someone will need to spritz your displays to keep them happy and not wilting. your florist will be an expert, they can advise you.

So there we have it. 4 different weather scenarios. Different points you may not have thought to consider for each circumstance. Don't stress about it. speak to your suppliers or wedding planner. They are not new to this, they have experience and they will be able to guide you through the options and back ups plans.

Happy planning

Lauren xx


Thank you to our photographers for these beautiful photos

Photo 1, 3 and 4 by Mindy Coe Photography

photo 2 by Lauren and Ella photography


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