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How to Create Your Wedding Design | Part 2

So here it is, what you've all been waiting for... Part 2 on how to create your wedding design bible!

Make sure you've watched Part 1 before starting Part 2 as that will help prepare everything you need for creating your wedding design bible. And just to refresh, your wedding design bible is where you curate all your ideas for your wedding style into one place, so that all your suppliers are singing from the same hymn sheet. So many couples struggle with describing their ideas saying 'I know what I want I just can't explain it' so this will help with that.

You can purchase the wedding design book template here, it's created using a website called Canva which is super simple to use alternatively you can create your own.

You'll need to sign up to Canva to use the template and make sure you save a copy of the template before starting so that you do not edit the original copy.

'I know what I want I just can't explain it'

Let's Go!

Page 1

Just a reminder to save a copy of the template before you start.

Page 2

The Cover Page - includes your names, the venue name and location and the date. Add four favourite images that you've saved from your Pinterest boards from part 1.

Page 3

Colour Palette - find a colour palette and stick to it, this is really important as you do not want to go through the wedding design finding too many colours that do not match. Add text to describe the look you are after and where you see them coming from.

Page 4

Bouquets - give your florists idea of what you are drawn to and how you envision your flowers, your florist will then create their own design book of the flowers for you in more detail, this is their area of expertise so work with them.

Page 5

Attire - build a picture of bridesmaids attire including colour palettes and styles you like. Copy this page to add an attire page for groomsmen or delete if this is meant to be a surprise on the day.

Page 6

Stationary - consider styles for all the different types of stationary required for the day including invitations, table plans and menus etc. then work with your stationer to create the perfect design for you. For a full list of what on the day wedding stationary you may need watch this video.

Page 7 & 8

The Ceremony - describe how you imagine your ceremony looking, feeling and what's happening then create a full page of inspirational images to show this.

Page 9 & 10

The Drinks Reception - again describe how you imagine the drinks reception from a design point of view as well as how you see it running, how are guests greeted, do you want entertainment, what sort of food is served.

Page 11 & 12

The Wedding Breakfast - describe your vision of this area, the wedding breakfast is more floral based so speak to your florist and work with them to create a separate design book for this.

Page 13 & 14

Place Settings - go into more detail here about how you envision the set up of the tables with glassware, crockery, cutlery, table names or numbers etc. This is one of the most design heavy parts of the day where you can really go to town so add in as much detail or inspiration as you can!

Page 15 & 16

The Evening Reception - really plan this section as it's all about the fun and the party! Think about whether you need a turnaround or tables removed, think about what entertainment and activities you'd like, what the dance floor, lighting and florals will look like.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how a Wedding Design Book works and is laid out, remember you can purchase this exact template by clicking here and Part 3 will show you how to actually edit the template and make it your own.

Time to get creative!

Lauren xx


Photography by 1 & 2. Mindy Coe Photography 3. Sophie Duckworth Photography


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