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DO NOT FORGET This When Wedding Venue Searching!

So when you are venue searching you will no doubt be looking for the perfect ceremony spot, a good location for your drinks reception. Will the venue cater for your number of guests and how flexible are they with suppliers and you creating your perfect day.

But these following areas are so crucial when looking at venues. Especially dry hire, blank canvas venues.

I absolutely LOVE a dry hire blank canvas venue. It is what we do best here, at Bluebird Creative. But it does come with logistics you need to consider. And these things are too easy for you to forget when sussing out whether the venue is right for you and the cost!


So this one is crucial. Check the information in regards to power. I t may seem a little strange, but if it is an old building, or somewhere remote and out in the sticks, you may actually need to have a generator, to pull in extra power for your wedding. This is something that is usually associated with marquee weddings, but I would recommend just double checking, especially if there is no particular kitchen area at your blank canvas venue.


So kitchen. May seem an obvious one, but again if you are looking at a blank canvas venue, you may just have an empty shell space, with endless options and opportunities. However this may mean there is no actually kitchen. therefore you will need to create this. Either by having a pop up catering tent outside your venue (this isn't even always seen by guests, it's usually tucked away somewhere and acts as the kitchen). You will also need to bear in mind that your caterer will need to bring in their own kitchen equipment, if there is nothing on site!


Does the venue have toilets? Most will , but it really does depend on the type of space you are using. If there aren't toilets, again you will need to hire this in, which adds to your total venue costs.


When im talking about sound I don't mean what musicians. I actually mean, how will it sound in the space. Is there a big echo because its a large vaulted space. Are their sound restrictions because it's a residential area? So firstly check if there is a sound limiter. Then see how much of an echo there is in the space when you are talking. This will effect whether you can have a band or a DJ in the space and what other type of music you choose.


Is there outdoor lighting at the venue? Not decorative, but general lighting? If you are again in a remote area, or perhaps on a farm, there may be limited lighting on the roads up to the farm or the outside areas. If you have evening guests arriving in the dark, you may want to consider lighting to make it easier for your guests.



Is there a set bar in the space you are looking at, or is this something you will need to hire in? This can be a great option as you can totally personalise the bar, but it also means ensuring there is the space and where it will go. If there is a bar at your venue fo choice, where is it situated? If it is not in the same room as the dance floor, bear in mind guests will congregate towards the bar, possibly leaving the dance floor area a bit quieter?


A little bonus extra for you is logistics. How will the day play out and run in the space? If it is just one space, that will need to be turnaround twice (from ceremony - wedding breakfast, then wedding breakfast - evening reception), then there MUST be a break out space. You will need an additional area for the drinks reception (whilst the wedding breakfast is being set up) and then for drinks and cake cutting whilst the evening reception is set up. You need to ensure this area has a roofed option in case of British weather!!

So there we have it. The VERY important things to remember and most definitely not forget, when looking at blank canvas venues!!

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


Thank you to our lovely photographers for these beautiful images!

Images 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7: Sophie Duckworth Photography

Image 4: Ross Hurley Photography

Image 5: Chloe Hardwick Photography


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