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Choosing an Elopement

Elopements........ What are they? Who are they for? Why might you choose to elope? And how might you go about organising one?

Let's dive into the world of elopements in todays blog......

What Is An Elopement?

An elopement put simply is wedding with no more than 3o guests. It is a small intimate celebration to celebrate a couples love, either just the two of them or with a small group of very special people.

History Lesson

Back in the day (many decades ago), to elope meant breaking family rules and running off in secret to marry your loved one. It would usually take place in darkness or thousands of miles away from family in fear of of disapproval.

However nowadays that stigma has been broken. A lot more couples are making a conscious decision to elope and make their weddings about them and celebrating their love for each other, moving away from traditions. Even the regular size weddings (which in the UK is approximately 80-130 guests) are breaking traditions and making their days more YOU and less about tradition, with a rise is blessings happening and freedom of creativity for your day.

Who Is An Elopement For and Why Might You Choose To Elope ?

An elopement is for anyone looking to celebrate love in a intimate way. Perhaps in a romantic setting, that is a little more them and a little less the norm. For the couple who wants it to just be about them.

There are destinations elopements, adventure elopements, and small intimate celebrations of love.

But what reasons may you have, to make you choose to elope?

Well perhaps you want to get married in The Lake District, up in the mountains? With the most beautiful scenic views. This isn't the easiest location for a large wedding. Choosing a secluding location may fit your character as a couple, have a sentimental meaning and be so intentional, not to mention a beautiful celebration of love. What a moment.

Other reasons might include:

  • Budget

  • Family difficulties, that make things complicated. You may wish to not cause any upset to any parties and go off together to celebrate your love your way.

  • Perhaps you are not excited about the prospect of planning a large wedding, or are aware of the implications on the environment of a larger wedding.

  • One right now might be the effects of COVID-19 and that social distancing measures are currently in place as I write this blog post. Elopements may potentially be the only option for a 2020 wedding (this is purely speculation, as advice is changing weekly and we are currently not sure of the future of weddings for 2020).

  • Perhaps you don't want to be the centre of attention in front of a large gathering of people

Whatever the reason to choose an elopement, make it intentional and about YOU.

How Might You Go About Choosing An Elopement?

Choosing an elopement needs to feel right for you as a couple. If you are not one for traditions, but instead are about celebrating your love for each other, then an elopement will likely call out to you.

Make that intentional decision and investigate all the location possibilities. Do you want to get married abroad, up a mountain, on the beach?

Remember wherever you decide, you will need to look into the legalities. The liklihood is that you will have a blessing in your incredible location and will need to ensure you do the legalities at a registered structure. However you decide to do it, ensure it is meaningful to YOU. Because at the end of the day, that is what an elopement is all about. It is going off perhaps just the two of you to celebrate your love for each other..

Happy Planning

Lauren x

All beautiful photography by Mindy Coe Photography, outdoor wedding, destination and elopement photographer.



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