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Biggest Advice For Wedding Couples

So this is a question I get asked very frequently. What are your top tips for couples planning their weddings?

So today I've put together my 5 top tips, or biggest pieces of advice for wedding couples. If you're an avid reader, or have been following my YouTube channel for a while, you will not be surprised by some of these. But I don't think I've ever summed them up in one post before?

Know Your Budget

Are you surprised this is here? And in the top spot??!

This is the most important part of your planning. Remember if you don't work out your budget, you are planning blind! Work out your own budget, go through the process and figure out what you can realistically spend, then divide the budget between the different suppliers, using my formula. You then know roughly how much you have to allocate yo each element of your wedding day, without getting near the end and thinking yikes! That has ended up being way over what we wanted to spend. Do your numbers people!

Don't Let The Stress Creep In

Stress is sneaky. It creeps up on you and pulls you down. But you are actually the one in control in here and you can make the decisions to keep that stress at bay. So in my mind there are 2 clear options to help with the stress that wedding planning can sometimes bring..........

  1. Don't sweat the small stuff! So essentially, don't worry about the tiny details if it's all feeling too much. Do what feels right for you and not what you think everyone else will want at your wedding day. Keep it simple and keep that stress at bay.

  2. Don't be afraid to ask for help. whether that is from family members or friends, or whether you want to enquiry with a professional. There are a range of services out there to help with your wedding planning, saving you time, lowering your stress and sometimes even saving you money! Whether that's s someone to just talk through ideas with, guide you on your next steps, answer a few questions, or steer the whole ship. Yo likely haven't done this before and its ok if you have worries or aren't sure what to do , when. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

It's Your Day, You Do You!

This is so so important. Remember what the day is about. Remember it is about the 2 of you, celebrating your love for one another. Some people can get so wrapped up in pleasing other people on their wedding day, which sadly adds another level of stress. Just remember it is YOUR day, it's about the two of YOU! So make decisions that reflect that. If people love you, they will respect the decisions you make for your special day and how you want to celebrate it. So if traditions aren't for you, that's ok. If you want all the traditions, go for it! Whatever it may be, enjoy making it special and about YOU.

Take 5

This little gem is what I tell all my couples.

Your wedding day will fly by in the blink of an eye. I know you will have heard that, but honestly it really does! Don't get to the end of the day and realise that you and your partner haven't really exchanged words with each other, except you're vows. You can end up getting swept away with well wishers and friends and family wanting to celebrate with you, that you don't get time to just take a moment and remember what the day is all about.......You!

So my advice is take 5. Before entering for the wedding breakfast, whilst the guests are taking time to make their way to their seats (this can take 15-30 minutes depending on the amount of guests you have), go off just the two of you. Go and find a little spot, have a chat and just remember what the day is all about. Have a quiet conversation between you and talk about the ceremony. Make a little memory just being the two of you together. From that point on the day will be jam packed with fun, laughter and no doubt dancing.

The Walkaround

The wedding breakfast walk around! Worried about thanking all your guests and don't want to do the traditional receiving line?! Not many of my couples vote for that, so we go with this great alternative.

If enjoying the band or DJ and dancing the night away is on the cards for you and a very important part of your day, then take note. You don't want to spend the whole of the evening reception saying thank you to everyone. Obviously you want to talk to your guests, they are your friends and family, but yu want to enjoy the party as well.

So big tip..... during the wedding breakfast make your way gradually around each table. Your table will always be served your food first and there will be a little break in between each course. So when there is time, go to a few tables in between a course and speak to your guests. Thank them for coming and touch base. they will appreciate it and it mixes up the conversation as you are most likely sat on a long table with people sat on just one side, making it a little harder to have conversation as you eat. By the end of the meal you should have made your way around all the tables. Which means that if you have evening guests arriving, you can speak to them when they arrive and know you have thanked everyone personally. Or if you only have day guests, you can dance the night away with all your guests! ;)

I hope you find these tips helpful!

Happy Planning

Lauren xx


Thanks to our wonderful photographers.

Photo 1, 2, 3 and 4: Mindy Coe Photography

Photo 5: Ross Hurley Photography


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