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5 Design Elements for Your Wedding Ceremony

This weeks blog is going to lead into something that I'm so excited about, not to mention give you so much knowledge that you probably didn't have a clue about!

So I am going to give you the breakdown of the design elements you need to consider when designing your ceremony, you can then use this information and apply it to the other parts of your wedding.

So let's jump on in and break this down for you!

"Repurpose your ceremony styling elsewhere!"

First things first, this is not to do with the logistics of the ceremony, you'll find all that info here. It's also not about the religious or civil ceremony itself, that part the planners do not get involved with, and you'll need to speak to your vicar, celebrant or registrar about that. We are solely talking about the DESIGN of your ceremony.

Inside or Outside

Firstly, you'll need to decide if you want your ceremony inside or outside as this will play a huge part in the design of your ceremony. You might be embracing nature which could be a in garden, a field or on the beach or if you chose inside then a beautiful stately home or church. Whichever you chose make sure this works with your overall vision!

If you chose outside, it's always good to think of an inside option as a plan B, incase the inevitable happens and it rains on the day of your wedding.


Next is chairs, are you having chairs, if so what type of chairs? Do you want wooden crossback chairs (probably the most popular chair at the moment!) or limewash chivari chairs, or does the venue provide a standard chair included in the hire. You might want rustic wooden benches or you may even want hay bales if you're going for a festival vibe, the possibilities are endless.

Think about the style of seating that you want and make sure it fits in with the whole vision of your wedding design as well as the setting of your venue/ceremony.

Then how do you want those chairs laid out? You'll most likely have two sides to leave an aisle down the middle but will the chairs be in a straight or curved line, how many rows do you want that sort of thing.

The Aisle

Now it's completely up to you if you want decor down the aisle, it's a personal preference. So let's talk about the options you could have.

A classic and timeless look would be to line the aisle with tea-lights and have rose petals down the middle although not currently on trend at the moment. You could have storm lanterns at the end of each row making sure they're not block access to the rows (to avoid trip hazards) or you could have floral pew ends where flowers or foliage is attached to the end of each row inside the aisle, these are great because they can be repurposed to decorate another part of the wedding.

Another trend I love at the moment is what I call the meadows, where it looks as though wild flowers and grasses are growing up and out of the ground lining the aisle, super beautiful!

All these ideas can then be mixed a matched to help with budgets, but the possibilities are endless and can be made to suit all budgets! At my weddings I always like to repurpose florals and styling elements from the ceremony as I hate the idea of wasting them!

The Altar

You can then decorate the altar area, this could just be small where you decorate the registrars table or you could have two large urns either side of you adorned with flowers. You may want a floral arch or geometric structure or even a macrame backdrop for that boho feel or again a mixture or different things.

Again think about how you could repurpose this to use elsewhere, could the backdrop or arch become the photobooth or could it go behind you at the wedding breakfast?


Do you want any signage on the day, this could be to tell guests where to sit with 'pick a seat not a side' for example, to tell them a brief schedule of the day what time the ceremony is, what time the wedding breakfast is, when the party is and what time carriages is - letting guests know when they'll be eating will make them so happy! Or it could be a sign just to welcome them to the wedding of...

Signage is a design element as you want it to match your style and concept it also helps to bring everything together as it should also try to match your other stationery items such as your invitations, order or service, place-names and menus.

So those are those are the different areas you should consider when looking at the different design elements of your wedding ceremony, it's less complicated than the rest of the wedding day but it still can look absolutely beautiful. I think people sometimes forget about the ceremony styling and just think about the wedding breakfast styling but let's not forget that the ceremony is what the day is all about and it's a shame for people to forget it.

And don't forget that you can repurpose the styling elements from the ceremony into another area of the day to help with budget!

If you need help with designing your wedding then don't forget to purchase your very own wedding design booklet here which will help guide you through the styling process.

Happy Planning!

Lauren xx


Photos by 1 & 3. Mindy Coe Photography, 2. Juliette McKee Photography, 4 & 5. Sophie Duckworth Photography


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