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Should I book a hair and makeup artist for my wedding day?

Wedding Makeup

So, why book a hair and make-up artist for your big day?

Weddings are expensive, no one is denying that, and whilst it makes sense to cut unnecessary costs in your wedding planning, here are a few reasons why booking a hair and make-up artist should be an essential part of your wedding budget.

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner and it's paramount that you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin on your big day. Whether you love the limelight or not, people will be looking at you all day and basking in your newly wed glow.

The best part about having a hair and make-up artist is that you can find a picture online of the look you desire and you won't have to worry about nailing it yourself! Rest assured your hair and makeup artist will have all the tools and professional experience to give you exactly what you want. Even better than that, they will be able to recommend what colours and shades will best suit your face shape and skin tone.

Wedding hair and makeup | Surrey Wedding

Photograph by Mindy Coe Photography

As part of the service, a trial session will be arranged where you have your full hair and makeup done. This way you can settle on exactly what you want and know what to expect on the actual day. This can be a huge relief for a bride-to-be as uncertainty of the unknown can be quite stressful. This way you can feel satisfied that your hair and makeup artist understands your needs.

Hair and Make-up is an art. The angle your eyeliner is positioned can be the difference in giving you sultry cat eyes, a 60s glam look or something softer and more bohemian. Your lipstick can be a beautiful burgundy or natural nude. Good contouring will enhance your natural face shape by throwing light and shade in all the areas that you want your photographer to capture. You may want that perfect, tight bun with a sensational, swooping veil or a loosely waved braid with details of soft flowers and foliage. Perhaps you've envisioned a 50's pin-up do that would make Dita Von Teese jealous. Whatever you want can be achieved by someone with the right skillset.

Wedding day makeup

Photograph by Light and Lace

Even if you are an expert at putting your own face on, when it comes to your wedding day you won't know how you are going to feel on the day or what you may have to think about, and having a hair and makeup artist to take care of you, make you feel relaxed and pampered will eliminate any unnecessary pressure.

Being made up and looked after is a luxury and if there is anytime to indulge then it's the morning of your Wedding. Let your hair and makeup artist make you feel amazing and you can worry about drinking champagne and eating croissants.

Melissa xx

Surrey Bride | Northbrook Park

Surrey Wedding | Makeup | Wedding Hair

Photograph by Mindy Coe Photography

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