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Bluebird Creative's cocktail hour...

Well isn't this a bit exciting! We've gone and had a signature cocktail created especially for us, by the amazing Tattams for you!

We wanted something to be able to say cheers with to celebrate 2017, Christmas and all the amazing suppliers and couples we have had the chance to meet this year.

So we teamed up with Tattams and the amazing Tom created us our very own Bluebird Mint cocktail. The requirements were simple.... it must have gin!

Bluebird Mint cocktail | Surrey Wedding Planner

So in typical Bluebird style, we didn't do this by halves. We have of course listed the ingredients and method for you in this blog post so you can make it at home. But we have also put together a video featuring the pro himself, Tom from Tattams.

With the use of the Bluebird HQ kitchen and some incredible as always videography from Gary at Capital Content, we introduce to you Bluebird Creative's first Cocktail hour........

Videography by Capital Content


Blueberries about 6

Mint leaves 4-6

Egg white of one egg

Gin 50ml

Lemon Juice 25ml

Sugar syrup 12.5ml

Elderflower tonic water

To be served in a wine glass or high ball


Ice glass, then pour tonic into the glass

Add sugar syrup, blueberries and mint, then muddle

Add the gin, lemon juice, egg white and some extra ice

Shake it up

Strain it then discard the excess

Shake again and double strain

Pour into your glass

Garnish with lemon zest and mint

We hope you have a go at making this cocktail yourself. Why not share your creations with us on instagram and facebook and use the hashtag #bluebirdmintcocktail we can't wait to see how you get on. Cheers!

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