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Scent Your Event

lime candle

Have you considered how scenting your event can add another dimension?

Scents are proven to enhance memories by 20%. They can be imagination sparking, stir nostalgia and enrich your visual environment.

For example, if you were to choose a scented candle for your wedding day, every time you burnt that candle and scent again, it would take you back to the magic of your day!

We have stumbled across the stylish range of luxury scented candles by Eve of St Agnes, with their superior fragrance materials and pure essential oils they are exquisite fragrances for your home or event.

eve of st agnes spring and summer

The candles come in 4 different scents. Ode to Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This is such a lovely idea, especially for a wedding as you can scent your event dependant on the season it is hosted in. Then when that time of year comes around again you are taken back to your special day by that familiar scent.

Ode to Spring

Eve of St. Agnes are inspired by one of Englands finest romantic poets, John Keats and his poem 'The Eve of St Agnes'. Keats' poem focuses on the superstitions surrounding the certain rites that were performed on the Eve of St. Agnes by young maidens, who, by performing these rituals, were promised a glimpse of their future husband in their dreams!

We think the the whole brand lends itself to romance and therefore weddings. From the way it is packaged with love and the smells that exude from these stunning candles, we are definitely fans!

candles in packaging

But scents are not just for weddings. Selecting a bespoke scent for your dinner party and infusing a room with it prior to a meal could compliment what your guests are about to be served. Say you were attending an event that was meant to pull on the memories of your childhood. They may select a scent that will do that.

sage candles


Sage is supposed to enhance memories and focus. Having this scent at a workshop could benefit the people in attendance. It's also a nice idea to have this at your office to help increase productivity.

The options are endless! With a creative event planning team behind your event, you could come up with something truly bespoke and leave you feeling you have experienced the unforgettable.

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