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🎉 Exciting News: Introducing Our New Proposal Hint Service! 🎉

Are you eagerly awaiting the moment when your other half drops to one knee and asks those four words? Well my friends, I’ve got you and we’re helping you take matters into your own hands with our brand-new “Proposal Hint Service!”

 “Am I even getting anywhere?!” 

Here at Bride Academy, we understand that dropping hints can sometimes feel like a balance of subtlety and “am I even getting anywhere?!” . That's why we've created the perfect solution to gently nudge your partner in the right direction without spoiling the surprise. We’ve all seen that Titanic reel right? Who wants to be waiting 84 years!


Our Proposal Hint Service is designed to add a touch of anticipation and excitement to your journey towards forever. Here's how it works:


Personalised Consultation:

You'll kick off your journey with a one-on-one consultation with us. We'll take the time to understand your relationship dynamics, your dreams for the future, and your ideal proposal scenario.

Tailored Hint Strategy:

Based on our consultation, we'll craft a personalised hint strategy tailored specifically to your partner's personality and communication style. Whether they're more receptive to subtle cues or bold gestures, we'll devise the perfect approach to capture their attention.

Strategic Delivery:

From discreet text messages and playful hints on email, to creative social media posts and surprise gifts with hidden messages, we'll strategically deliver each hint to plant the seed of proposal anticipation in your partner's mind.

Preserving the Surprise:

While our goal is to pave the way for the perfect proposal moment, we understand the importance of preserving the element of surprise. Our hints are crafted with finesse to build anticipation without giving away the big reveal.

Confidentiality Assured:

Your secret is safe with us! We prioritise discretion and confidentiality, ensuring that your partner remains oblivious to our behind-the-scenes hinting until they're ready to pop the question.

Why leave your dream proposal to chance when you can take control of your happily ever after with our Proposal Hint Service?

Fill in the form to register your interest in our new service and one of the team will be in contact today!

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